PivaPunch is a programmable punching centre for coil material. It’s designed either for coils or for coils and blanks.

PivaPunch Benefits

  • More efficient because it works straight from coil fully automatically, producing punched blanks stacked the way you need them.
  • More flexible because it uses an advanced and freely programmable CNC coil punch system. Common coil width is used for a variety of parts produced in small batches, whereas true coil width is used for large series.
  • End products are made complete ready in one process.

Seesing Says

Producing straight from the coil creates remarkable efficiencies and ROI’s. Material utilization is almost 100% and material storage is considerably less than sheet material. Pivatic’s versatile coil punching and bending systems deliver reduced lead times, superior flexibility and fingerprint-free part output.

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