Built in Finland, CoastOne press brakes are all electric, servo-driven and built to run for decades in most demanding environments. In addition to servo technology’s superior kinematic, the lack of hydraulic oil eliminates expensive oil changes, spare parts, valves and maintenance expenses common to hydraulic press brakes. In other words, these machines can have a positive environmental impact. CoastOne machines are unique in using direct servo driven spindles to position the ram in the Y-axis movement and arrange the crowning with extraordinary accuracy.

Additionally, electric press brakes are significantly more energy efficient in comparison to hydraulic systems and deliver a marked improvement to your financial performance and environmental footprint.

Seesing Says

The CoastOne lineup ranges from 25 ton machines all the way up to 250 tons and offers a superb range of diversity for fab-shop applications. The direct driven spindles achieve crowning and ram positioning accuracy seldom, if ever, seen before. Coupled with WILA tooling, these machines are unmatched in speed, accuracy and repeatability.