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Krasser’s Centurio is truly one of the most impressive coil sheet cutting systems we’ve ever encountered.

With Centurio, widely dissimilar tasks can be carried out to completion in the shortest possible time – and with minimal effort.

It delivers a comprehensive solution for thin sheet applications, optimally combining both protective storage of coils and the precise and logistically efficient cutting of coiled material.

With Centurio your coil changeover connection process to the coil slitter-cutter is reduced from an average of 20 minutes to two minutes – a ten-fold improvement that will have a direct and measurable impact on your productivity and throughput.

Coil weights can be up to 11,000 pounds and the coil storage magazine can be expanded simply as demand grows. For architectural metal products manufacturing, Centurio is the optimum solution and smart docking systems can feed separate roll form lines.

Seesing Says

It takes a lot to catch my eye in this business. Austria’s Krasser Centurio system is one of the most impressive packages I have encountered.

Tightly scheduled coil run sequences can be executed fully automatically, so the system offers advantages in terms of logistics and time management within your company.