Nosstec produces bending roll machines made with pride and superior quality delivering a long lifetime of the machine and sustainability relative to a buyer’s investment.

Especially for lighting and HVAC industries the 8344 CNC can bend profiles with variable radii and sections.

The design with three lower bending rolls enables bending of very complex profiles in one single operation. The special design of the machine and the location of the four rolls eliminate all intermediate handling of the sheet between the pre-bending and the final bending.

This simplified working method also means that the storage space around the machine can be reduced, a higher repetition accuracy is achieved as well as a higher productivity.

Seesing Says:

There’s nothing really fancy about the Nosstec 8344 CNC apart from the fact that once it is installed it just keeps working, pretty much forever, with little interruption to production! Fast and accurate.

See the clip below. This Swedish company produces good quality NC controlled machines that just keep on going.


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