The science of levelling metal plates has two main goals.

The first is to make the metal’s surface flat and ripple-free. The second is to neutralize hidden internal stresses that cause twist and bow in parts during secondary operations, such as stamping.

Metal levelling is a common practice in the European metal forming industry while North America has yet to fully embrace the practice.

As an established company in Germany, Kohler has been active in the design and production of levelling machines for more than 50 years. With strictly electro-mechanical part levelling technology and the complete absence of hydraulic components, the new Peak Performer series machines underline the continued leading position of Kohler in the straightening and levelling industry.

With this technology, Kohler combines maximum precision with maximum efficiency and noise control, as well as unsurpassed high energy efficiency.

Seesing Says:

Innovations continue in the metal forming business and those of us in North America are beginning to adopt more practices which are common in Europe and elsewhere.

Using plastification technologies can have a significant impact on both the quality of the end product produced and reduce potential downstream production interruptions with sub-par parts straightness. Kohler offers an extraordinary combination of performance and price.


kohler metal plate leveller

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