NS is a Portugese company and specialized manufacturer of machines for the metal finishing and polishing industry.

Through the years NS has been bringing unique features and designs both to sheet metal and  tube-end finishing machines.

This has been made possible by continual investment in research and development and the constant pursuit of optimal and flexible solutions that fabricators are looking for. NS offers a truly broad range of finishing solutions that, I am sure will be a solution for you as well.

Just let us know what you finishing need is. We’ll deal with it.

NS manufacturers a broad range of machines for various applications and customers – from the small workshop to the largest continuous operation production lines.

Seesing Says:

The NS edge-working machines deliver an end product that responds to client demands for fine finishing.

Consumer demand for excellence in this area is high and smart manufacturers realize that the variety of cutting processes in play have one thing in common – they can produce sharp, unsafe and unattractive results. With NS, manufacturers solve that problem simply.



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