Dalcos coil processing technology is designed to deliver maximum simplicity and versatility of use. Whereas coil machining was once the domain of large-scale production companies, nowadays a lot of small and medium-sized companies benefit from the advantages offered by automated coil-fed production, for example in the following sectors: metal furniture, lighting fixtures, doors and windows, poultry products, switchgear, HVAC, mail boxes, road signs and signals and many more.

Dalcos’  EXN fully electric coil-fed punching machines operate successfully since many years now. An extremely simple operating principle makes this system truly efficient: the numerically controlled gripper or roller feeder moves the coil in the direction of the X axis, while the electric punch heads move on carriages in direction Y.

Dalcos punching lines can make production more efficient: the material is optimized virtually up to 100% when coil processing is applied, and with continuous processing, production is faster than with any traditional sheet-fed turret systems. Also, think of the incredible space savings that you will achieve both in coil storage as well in the compactness of the coil punch line.

Dalcos also makes the LXN Coil Laser Cutting Line as well as the combination of the coil fed ELXN machine whith combines the coil fed punching machine with the coil fed laser.

Dalcos has employed cutting-edge technologies to manufacture coil-fed laser cutting lines that are versatile, highly efficient and easy to use. By using fibre optic laser technology the , production rate is fast and energy efficient.

Seesing Says:

Dalcos has a well-earned reputation for creating reliable, efficient machinery which can be easily programmed for maximum efficiency. They also have a footprint that requires less space than other similar machinery so that too contributes to better utilization and production rates.