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Danobat Cupra and BM Panel Bender

Danobat’s Flexible Lines are, in one word, impressive.

In your search for efficiency and enhanced productivity, you won’t find many alternatives that can beat this system.

Raw materials are fed from a tower or coil into a punch-shear. The sheared blank then progresses automatically to the panel bender then moves the formed parts right along to your paint line in kit form. Hands-free in batches or ready-formed parts.

But there’s more. You create the optimum production flow at a high-velocity that delivers straight to the bottom line.

The classical Danobat Flexible Lines consists of a Cupra Punch-Shear in line with a BM panel bender although you can also choose to introduce the LB Coil Laser, or the Silver Punch-Laser combination.

Seesing Says

This is almost too good to be true and it’s not! Raw material to formed parts in an uninterrupted flow delivering error-free quality, competitive advantage and a productivity improvement your CFO will love.

danobat BM and Cupra machines in flexible production line

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