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Fagor Arrasate LB X-Gap

The Fagor-Arrasate LB X-Gap Coil-fed Laser. A new addition to our lineup of fine metal-forming machinery comes from one of Europe’s leading mid-size manufacturers.

Fagor brings the power of a massive R&D operation and the flexibility of a responsive, customer-centric organization with a powerful global presence.

Fagor’s LB X-Gap coil laser cutting machines are noted for an extremely simple and highly-efficient operating system. These machines optimize material usage to almost 100% and users can customize virtually any configuration required.

And we really need to point out that these machines have a relatively small footprint that delivers savings in coil storage and the coil laser cut line square footage. That’s not all: unlike sheet laser cutters, the coil laser machine keeps producing parts in a continuous flow without the hold-up of a slow shuttle table.

Seesing Says

Fagor has a well-earned reputation for creating reliable, efficient coil fed laser blanking machinery which can be easily programmed for maximum productivity. The X-Gap machine is a league on it’s own with its capability of dealing with small parts while processing the material.

Fagor’s equipment occupies less space contributing to improved utilization and through put.

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